Twitch Promoting the Use of Cryptocurrencies

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Twitch cryptocurrencies

The Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch is strengthening its cryptocurrency strategy with its partner BitPay, the platform offers its users a 10% discount on their channel subscription when they pay with cryptocurrencies.

Twitch is looking more into cryptomoney?

BitPay Marketing Director Bill Zielke told Cointelegraph media that among the thousands of merchants the company works with, Twitch is the first major company to offer its users a promotion based on cryptocurrencies.

Bill Zielke pointed out that Twitch is indeed the originator of this promotion and not BitPay. This marks the streaming platform’s desire to bring more visibility to cryptocurrencies to its users. He also added :

“We are seeing more and more online merchants interested in using cryptos as a means of payment for promotional purposes, which is exciting because most payment options for marketing purposes are mainly reserved for alternative payments via PayPal. […] Twitch is thus the first major operator to follow this trend. »

Although the offer is interesting for the Twitch community, it is only temporary. This discount on payments in cryptomoney will end on August 15th.

This promotion initiated by Twitch could encourage other merchants using BitPay to do the same. As Twitch is one of BitPay’s largest corporate customers, a trend is likely to develop in the near future.

Even the discount is not considerable, any promotion affiliated with the use of crypto and still bodes well for mass adoption.

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Twitch and the cryptos, some indecision.

The option of payment in cryptomoney was initially available since 2014 on Twitch via Xsolla, the company that provides the payment interface to the platform.

Rapidly withdrawn after its introduction, the option was reactivated in 2016 with a major partner, Coinbase. However, it is finally BitPay that will be used as an intermediary a few months later.

After 3 years, the payment in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomoney is withdrawn in March 2019, before resurfacing in June 2019. Since that date, the option has not been withdrawn anymore, although it is still quite difficult to access it on the payment interface, as it is not promoted.

Despite these numerous indecisions concerning the integration of cryptomoney in its ecosystem, this recent initiative undertaken by the streaming giant proves that it now seems determined to keep the option available for its users.

However, the use of BitPay can be debatable, knowing that open source alternatives, particularly appreciated by the community, exist, notably BTCPay Server.

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