Theta Getting Integrated in GameTalkTalk

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Theta GameTalkTalk

Theta Network will become part of the ecosystem of the famous South Korean game application GameTalkTalk to reward its 3 million users.

Theta Network x Ludena Protocol

GameTalkTalk is a social platform for sharing content on popular gaming in South Korea. Ludena Protocol, the company behind GameTalkTalk, has partnered with Theta Network to reward the viewing and sharing of content.

Initially, the partnership will consist of the integration of the Theta protocol into the GameTalkTalk platform. This will enable three million players to win rewards for watching and sharing streaming video. Viewer interaction will also be rewarded. Thus, the commitment of the content creator and the viewer will be rewarded in the form of the Theta TFUEL token.

After the integration of by Samsung, the THETA token jumped by 450% and the TFUEL token by 950% in May. After a retracement in June, THETA fluctuated between $0.22 and $0.27, while TFUEL fluctuated between $0.008 and $0.01.

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A GameTalkTalk channel

In a second step, the company agreed to provide an exclusive GameTalkTalk channel on “”. It will be broadcast through its community of more than 5 million users.

The integration will include the first launch of Theta’s Live Mobile Embedded service for Android in South Korea and will allow content to be delivered to via a smartphone.

Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs, described GameTalkTalk as “an ideal partner” for the launch of Theta Live Mobile Embed :

“Within just a few months of announcing Theta Live Embed, it is now available on more than a dozen partner sites around the world and we are excited to launch in South Korea for the first time and integrate local content. »

Theta Labs and Ludena Protocol will also collaborate on marketing GameTalkTalk to Theta’s European and North American communities.

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