SHORTS vs LONGS, practical Analysis guide

SHORTS vs LONGS, practical Analysis guide 1600 938 Crypto Rand Group

Add a SHORTS vs LONGS graph to your Bitcoin chart analysis.

How to track the SHORTS vs LONGS on a BTC chart at the same time?

STEP 1: In the top right of TradingView click on the “Screen Options” and choose the dual one. You will have automatically two spreaded charts.


STEP 2: In the upper chart look for “BTCUSDSHORTS”


STEP 3: Also in that upper chart we click on “Compare” and an small screen will pop up. There we look for “BTCUSDLONGS”.


STEP 4: Click on “Format” (settings wheel) to then adjust the colours on the “Style” tab. I adjust them with an strong line and transparent tones to see also the longs. I set them on red because are the SHORT positions (bull bias OMG)

*Fun fact: In South Korea the red colour has a positive feeling because it’s seen as something hot. They use the blue for dropping assets. Thanks @iamjosephyoung and @AoverK for enlighten me.

STEP 5: We do the same for the LONGS chart we added on “Compare”. Now it’s showed as an indicator. We click on “Format” (settings wheel). There we change the “Line” format for “Area” one and we change the colour too. Green these case because represents the LONG positions.

STEP 6: Click on the bottom chart and you will see how gets highlighted with a blue square. Now in the search box look for the “BTCUSD” ticker.

STEP 7: Make sure to adjust the date timeframe properly and enjoy finding some correlations (or not).

“People see what they’ve learned to see, and everything else is invisible until they learn how to counteract the energy that blocks their awareness of whatever is unlearned and waiting to be discovered” Mark Douglas

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