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Crypto coronavirus

Crypto Industry is Fighting Coronavirus

The crypto community continues to help fight the coronavirus outbreak, with Binance Charity donating new batches of medical supplies to hospitals and disease control command centers. On March 9, Binance…

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covid-19 blockchain

Covid-19 Pushes Interest Toward Blockchain

The SMBC financial group integrates two blockchain in parallel consortia from the trade finance sector: Contour and Komgo as the Covid-19 pandemic further underlines the need to digitize paper-based processes,…

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JPMorgan Bitcoin

JPMorgan Finally in Tune With Bitcoin

JPMorgan Bitcoin After years of openly criticizing Bitcoin, the largest bank in the United States has completely changed its tune about the world’s leading cryptocurrency. In a report titled “Cryptocurrency…

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Blockchain Health

Blockchain At The Service of Health Care

The information is directly related to the current health crisis and indicates that blockchain technology is being studied in the field of health and hospital resource management. A first concrete…

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