Samsung Partners with Uppsala for Crypto Recovery

Samsung Partners with Uppsala for Crypto Recovery 1024 500 Crypto Rand Group
Samsung Uppsala

Samsung has announced a partnership with Uppsala. It will allow accompanying users who wish to recover lost or stolen cryptos.

Samsung and Uppsala hunt for stolen cryptos

In 2019, the analysis firm CoinMetrics estimated that 1.5 million bitcoins were lost forever. As for the theft of cryptos, they, unfortunately, remain common in recent years. Samsung and Uppsala have joined forces to combat these two phenomena.

Uppsala is a company that monitors block chains to ensure the security of user funds. Its Threat Intelligence Database (TRDB) has helped in over 100 cases of hacking and scams for both individual users and companies.

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In concrete terms, this means that users of Samsung’s blockchain wallet will now be able to send a report of an incident that led to the loss of their crypto-actives. Uppsala will then take charge of the case through its customer service department, to investigate and analyze the elements presented. The service is free of charge. If necessary, Uppsala can help the victim to prepare a file to be sent to the police to support his request.

The news shows once again Samsung’s ambition for the blockchain. The South Korean manufacturer has positioned itself as one of the first Tech giants to rely on distributed registry technologies. The implementation of monitoring and consumer protection tools is, therefore, a major step for the company.

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