Russia Set to Hold Major Election on Blockchain

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Russia Blockchain

The possibility for Vladimir Putin to run again in Russia ‘s presidential election will be put to a vote on Blockchain.

For the citizens of Moscow, an electronic and associated voting system will be set up. The promise: a secure and unalterable vote. A change at the head of the Russia state is probably not for tomorrow and will put up to vote on Blockchain. Vladimir Putin has already obtained the approval of the country’s institutions for his constitutional reform. This will enable him to run for new terms as president.

However, the head of state has to submit to a final popular vote. It is within this framework that Russia will experiment with an electronic voting system using the blockchain. This first will concern citizens living in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

The blockchain to guarantee “security and transparency”.

Voters have been able to register for e-voting since June 5. The vote itself will take place from 25 to 30 June. And according to the Moscow authorities, the implementation of the blockchain must guarantee the “security and transparency” of the vote.

The Moscow authorities thus ensure that the system is “almost impossible to hack”, since it is based on several servers. Officially, the use of the blockchain will make it possible to make each voter’s vote anonymous, encrypt the data and prevent any alteration of these votes.

The security and transparency of electronic voting will be ensured by the blockchain technology. Such a network does not have a single server: in order to change ballot information, the agreement of most network participants is required, so the chain is almost impossible to hack. The vote itself is anonymized and encrypted,” the Russian municipality explains.

Despite these assurances, Moscow is stingy with technical details about the electronic voting system that has been set up and the nature of the blockchain that has been implemented. It is not known, for example, whether the vote will use a solution developed by a private actor or whether it will be an internally developed blockchain.

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A blockchain application criticized for its flaws

The popular vote in June is crucial for the country and its voters. If he obtains a majority, Vladimir Putin will theoretically be able to retain the reins of power until 2036. If he wins the no vote, he would leave office at the end of his last term in 2024.

As for voting based on the blockchain, several projects of this type have been launched around the world, notably for internal elections to political parties in the United States. The number of voters has, however, remained low until today.

Researchers have, however, sounded the alarm about these systems, in particular the Voatz voting application. In February, MIT engineers said they had identified alarming vulnerabilities in the publisher’s Android application. These vulnerabilities could compromise a vote. These criticisms are disputed by Voatz.

In 2018, during the Hello Show 2018 event, Orange CEO Stéphane Richard presented an online voting system called The Vote and secured thanks to the Ethereum blockchain. The promise: a blockchain solution enabling local authorities and companies to organise “ultra-secure consultations” via a mobile application.

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