Mercedes Tracking Emissions on Blockchain

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Mercedes Blockchain

Mercedes‘ parent company joins the list of car manufacturers using the blockchain in their supply chains, this time to track CO2 emissions.

Mercedes’ parent company is starting to use the blockchain

While Bitcoin’s greed for electricity had initially diverted the ecological sector from the crypto-currency business, new bridges have gradually been built. Proof of this came recently when Mercedes’ parent company Daimler explained that it wanted to track its CO2 emissions using a blockchain tool.

As a press release from the group explains, Daimler has teamed up with startup Circulor to achieve an ambitious goal: carbon neutrality for their passenger cars by 2039. In the first instance, the pilot project will focus on cobalt, which is used, among other things, in the batteries of electric cars. The blockchain created for Mercedes and Circulor will map material flows and the associated CO2 costs. The idea is to give maximum priority to recycling and shorter circuits.

The network can also display other data, such as the working conditions and rights of workers supplying the materials, as well as the level of environmental protection of the companies supplying Daimler.

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This is not the first foray into blockbuster territory for the Mercedes manufacturer. A little less than a year ago, we learned that Daimler had produced a blockchain wallet that would make it possible to identify vehicles and carry out transactions automatically. Similar technology had also begun to be tested by Renault, BMW, Honda, Ford and General Motors.

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