Linkin Park Goes NFT

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Linkin Park NFT

NFTs continues to attract celebrities from different backgrounds. Mike Shinoda, the historic second lead singer of Linkin Park, had already expressed his desire to tap into this ecosystem. He just released an NFT on the Tezos blockchain (XTZ) and even promises to provide more in the future.

NFTs galore on Tezos?

Apart from music, Mike Shinoda, the second singer of the group Linkin Park, is also fond of the world of graphics. So it’s quite natural that he took part in the NFT adventure. He also painted several works of art, some of which were presented at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

A little anecdote: for Linkin Park’s second album, Mike Shinoda had drawn the cover in collaboration with a Delta artist, specialized in graffiti. The process of creation was filmed, and the video was incorporated on the CD of the album.

To continue this trend, Shinoda has recently offered for sale an NFT made live on Twitch, called “Brain Dump”, recoverable if you have a Tezos wallet.

Available for purchase for 290 XTZ, or about $2,000 at the current price, it offers 100 copies.

Mike Shinoda vend le NFT « Brain Dump » sur le site HEN pour 290 XTZ l'unité - 100 exemplaires en tout
NFT “Brain Dump” sold by Mike Shinoda – Source: HEN

A nice publicity stunt from Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda’s little story was quickly picked up by Tezos and the singer’s fans who rushed to create a Reddit post for the occasion, titled: “Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park on XTZ too. Tezos is the future”.

The singer also promises to provide more NFTs in the near future.

21 copies have already been sold, which represents a nice sum of 43 092 dollars at the current price of the XTZ.

One more little anecdote in this fabulous world of NFTs! The idea of owning an artist’s work seems to be more and more essential for the fans, and the artists intend to take advantage of this craze. In the meantime, the fashion is also to launch NFT marketplaces, as PancakeSwap will do soon.

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