Interview With DistX Team

Interview With DistX Team 1024 500 Crypto Rand Group

We are glad to have DistX answer our questions today!

How would you describe the main pillars of the product?

DistX will provide a full service decentralized token sale platform, using smart contracts to add transparency and confidence to the participants. We handle the entire process, from token generation to token sale, distribution, and even UniSwap listing and liquidity locking. Our goal is to create a hub for investors to discover and safely participate in token sales, with all of the information available and viewable smart contracts guaranteeing the most important aspects of the process. Our unique rewards system for DISTX token holders will ensure everybody wins, and the whole ecosystem is sustainable.

What is your team strength?

We’re very experienced in blockchain and crypto. We’ve worked together for many years. Adrian (cofounder) has worked on several prominent projects as a contract dev. I have almost 20 years of experience as a designer and creator across multiple industries and have been immersed in this space for almost 4 years. Our strength is our ability to get things done and to a high standard. We are builders and creators, we aren’t just hype artists, we aren’t really corporate types. We are very transparent, open, and available and most of all we always meet our deadlines and deliver as promised.

How does DISTX make it easy for investors to invest in legitimate projects?

All upcoming token sales will be viewable on the DistX website at Investors will be able to view all of the information provided by the project teams including token sale settings. These settings include token locking, liquidity locking, token release schedule, softcap, hardcap, and many other options that are critical for making an informed decision. All of the social accounts will be provided, prices, minimums and maximums – everything you could need to know before participating in a token sale will be easy to find. DistX cannot control what a team does in the future, but we can control how they run their token sale to ensure investors do not get scammed or misled during this process. To participate it is simple, select a token sale and use MetaMask to send your ETH, right from the website. DISTX token holders may have early access to token sales (this is an option the team can select) which would be a very valuable advantage.

About the future; Do you have any development plans you’d like to share?

We do have plans for the expansion of the DistX platform in the future. Not public information yet but there are some obvious expansion options – particularly if you consider our name DistX was contrived from “distribute” and “exchange”. I can’t say much more about that just yet. We also have clear potential for expansion in other areas due to having first access to some potentially huge projects at their earliest stage. A team holds a successful token sale – what happens next? This is where we will continue to step in.

What’s the added value of DISTX in comparison with other competitors?

I believe our true advantage is in the sustainable system we have designed. Everybody wins. I mean everybody. The token sale participants, the token sale teams, and the token holders. Our rewards system distributes 2% of the tokens from each token sale, to our top 200 DISTX token holders. That means by holding dISTX you could receive regular free tokens from multiple projects. Some of these projects may be huge. Participants in token sales have endless benefits in terms of transparency, easy access to participation, our unique NFT tokens (DISTXR) which are redeemable at any stage for their purchased tokens. The teams have a lot of advantages including holding a token sale on a platform with thousands of investors already ready and waiting. They also have the benefit of adding 200 more token holders to their sale automatically, and we also handle all of the distribution for them. Such a simple yet powerful system. We believe DistX will become a “gem factory” where all of the latest and greatest tokens are created and distributed.

Do you have any partners backing you up?

Well, we only held our own token sale 2 weeks ago. But sure, we already have 4 official strategic partners including BitBoy, ProBit, CoinStats and CryptoAdventure. These partners all help to extend our full-service offering. They will provide easy access to promotion, exchange listings and more, to successful token sale teams. In the case of BitBoy, he chose to partner with us due to our platform providing a kind of quality filter for projects, and the fact we have the earliest possible access to potential gems. We’ve got more partnerships coming too – stay tuned!

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

The system we have designed mostly runs itself. With smart contracts powering most functions, there are only a few areas that require time and resources. Our KYC process will require some manual checks and reviewing, although we intend to integrate with other services that offer this already. Overall, the system is very scalable. We could host 1 token sale per week or 10 per day, and they’d all run seamlessly. Our rewards system is scalable and sustainable too, as the rewards come from the token sale tokens themselves, not from our own token. DistX is more scalable than most services in crypto, including exchanges. Teams create the token sales, participants contribute, distribution is automatic, UniSwap listing automatic, liquidity locked.. everything just happens.

Regarding liquidity on UniSwap, do you intend to increase it in the future?

Yes, we do intend to increase it – however, the landscape changes so fast in crypto that we will always be quite conservative with limiting ourselves to one platform. There’s a good chance UniSwap just stops being “a thing” almost overnight and we have to access funds to list elsewhere. Having said that, we already locked $500,000 of liquidity which was a huge portion of our raised funds.

Are there any other benefits to DISTX token holders?

There are three major benefits to token holders. The first is the top 200 token holders receive a share of 2% of all tokens from all successful token sales on the DistX platform. That is potentially a massive benefit, it’s free tokens from many new projects and some may turn out to be very valuable. The next benefit is as part of our service, we collect 2% of the ETH raised. This covers all of the gas for token distribution, but the remainder is used to buy and burn DISTX tokens from UniSwap. So DISTX is a deflationary token (and potentially in a big way). The third benefit is DISTX holders will gain early access to token sales, if the team selects this option. This could provide a great opportunity to participate in the latest hot token sales before anyone else. DISTX holders may even sell out the entire token sale. All of these benefits combine to add value, demand and lower the circulating supply of DISTX.

What makes DISTX different from other crypto projects?

A key difference is in our ability to design, build, and deliver a working product that people want to use by choice. So many crypto projects are pipe dreams or tackling problems that don’t really exist or are just plain boring. DistX is exciting, rewarding, solves a huge problem in the space, and as it’s a crypto-specific service, we don’t have to try and “crack the mainstream market”. Our difference will be that we become a widely used platform where many others will not.

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