Blockchain At The Service of Health Care

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Blockchain Health

The information is directly related to the current health crisis and indicates that blockchain technology is being studied in the field of health and hospital resource management. A first concrete application concerns the pharmaceutical world. A change of direction due in large part to the inefficiency of current systems considered obsolete.  

The coronavirus crisis will have made it possible to uncover the many dysfunctions in the systems related to the organisation and management of health care in relation to a major crisis situation. This was recently revealed in an article published in the Harvard Business Review at the end of last week. 

Unreliable processes

In this case, it was the procurement processes for care equipment in American facilities that very clearly showed their limitations. This is simply because they are outdated procedures that do not guarantee their proper delivery or confirm their quality and compliance with the standards required for their use in a hospital environment.

A reality that has been clearly demonstrated by the fact that fraudulent or non-compliant equipment has found its way into the hands of doctors who are too busy to control its quality. The federal government recently placed a $110 million order for N95 masks at a clearly excessive price with a supplier that was not even audited.

The blockchain in the service of health

It is not surprising, therefore, that these health services are looking for more reliable solutions to address some of the vulnerabilities in this supply chain. A reality that highlights blockchain technology as an innovation that can provide a concrete response to these structural problems. An adoption that also offers the prospect of reduced costs due to a faster and less complex control procedure.

And the points highlighted are mainly the forgery-proof and public nature of this network. This offers a hitherto non-existent possibility of monitoring and controlling not only quality but also the correct delivery of products. Unfortunately, thefts are very frequent in this field. The WHO puts forward the figure of 10% of all medical equipment being “of inferior or falsified quality in low- and middle-income countries. »

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The MediLedger blockchain health solution

The blockchain is already in use in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the MediLedger solution for controlling and securing the medication return process. This offers the innovative advantage of allowing competitors to collaborate on a shared platform. This increases medication safety without having to disclose sensitive information. An essential requirement in a highly competitive field.

This system provides a reliable solution to the complex but recurring problem of drug return. A reality that affects 60 million units each year, according to the Healthcare Distribution Alliance. Until now, the process was the responsibility of wholesalers, who had to identify the serial number by contacting the manufacturer before they could put them back into circulation. A procedure that could take up to 48 hours and is now only a matter of seconds thanks to the blockchain.

A solution that can be applied to hospitals and healthcare facilities to verify the authenticity of a drug simply by using the serial number. 

A solution for the future

It seems clear that the coronavirus health crisis will not be the last of its kind. Integrating blockchain technology into the management of health-related universes may allow for greater agility and adaptability in real time. It will also allow global resources to be pooled instead of stealing masks from one country to another between deliveries. The technology is there, only the unwillingness of institutions and governments could stop it. 

What we have here is a new framework for the application of blockchain technology, the benefits of which have yet to be fully revealed. For the best security will always remain a public accessibility linked to an operational and decentralized monitoring process.

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