BitMEX changing CEO: Arthur Hayes leaving

BitMEX changing CEO: Arthur Hayes leaving 1000 646 Crypto Rand Group
Bitmex Arthur hayes

Following recent legal issues in the US, Bitmex is doing changes in the 100x Group leadership, with Arthur hayes living his CEO chair. The group is a holding for HDR Global Trading Limited, owner and operator of BitMEX exchange

Arthur Hayes, BitMEX founder, is taking a step back from all executive management responsibilities, as well as CTO Samuel Reed

Vivien Khoo, the Chief Operating Officer of the 100x Group,will take the CEO Chair as interim.

David Wong, Chairman of 100x Group, commented, “These changes to our executive leadership mean we can focus on our core business of offering superior trading opportunities for all our clients through the BitMEX platform, whilst maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. We have an exceptional senior leadership team who are well-placed to continue the growth and development of the 100x Group, including completion of the BitMEX User Verification Programme. It is business as usual for us and we thank all clients for their continued support.”

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