Bitcoin Sent Closer To The Moon

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Bitcoin moon

Bitcoin is officially extraterrestrial as a multi-signature transaction has just been successfully completed aboard the ISS, “to the moon”.

Bitcoin so close to the Moon

According to a press release released yesterday, the most decentralized of the SpaceChain space agencies has just executed a multi-signature transaction from space. The researchers behind this initiative sent the equivalent of 100 euros, or 0.01 BTC, to 2 different bitcoin addresses.

To achieve this feat, SpaceChain uses specialized materials developed by GomSpace (a nano satellite manufacturer) to transmit encrypted data from the ground station to the ISS. Company founder and CTO Jeff Garzik expressed his enthusiasm.

“The execution of a multi-signature transaction in space rewards our continued efforts in building an open source system, based on a network of block-chain satellites, that is completely secure and unchangeable. »

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Multisig in space

Multi-signature transactions follow the principle of classic transactions, but require several signatures to be executed. This feature significantly increases security, but also the sharing of authorizations between several users.

This original initiative has been greatly supported by the European Space Agency and its “Kick-start activities” program, whose aim is to draw the lines of a future where space will play a key role for fintech and digital banks.

We already knew it, and it is now official. Bitcoin is the new currency programmed for “the moon“.

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