Bitcoin Reaching 328 Million People TVs

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Bitcoin TVs

While Bitcoin price is approaching $12,000, some players in the ecosystem want to attract more and more new customers, such is the case of Grayscale, who is about to launch a TVs ad in the United States.

Bitcoin goes on people TVs

The news was revealed by Grayscale’s founder himself on Twitter: the asset manager is about to launch a commercial in the United States.

Barry Silbert’s objective is clearly defined: “to brrring crypto to the masses“. Thus, 4 television channels are targeted: CNBC, MSNBC, FOX and FOX Business.

A choice that seems to make sense in the eyes of the public of these channels, most of which are already interested in finance and investment. Thus, nearly 328 million new prospects can be reached by this advertising.

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What is the aim of this promotional spot?

In the majority of cases, this ad has been well received by the cryptosphere. However, some Internet users still hope that this commercial will have an educational impact.

Indeed, in May 2019, Grayscale had already conducted an advertising campaign promoting Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the campaign did not go into the details of Bitcoin and its usefulness, a choice that many people found to be a risky one.

In the meantime, Grayscale continues to fill her coffers by buying back massive amounts of Bitcoin. The leading cryptos asset manager is counting on breaking its records from last year… and this, thanks to this commercial?

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