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The democratization of Bitcoin and cryptos depends in particular on their ease of access. A big step in this direction has just been taken in Australia because it will now be possible to pay for Bitcoin directly at the post office!

Bitcoin available in 3500 Australian post offices is one of Australia’s oldest bitcoin buying and selling platforms. It has recently announced its partnership with Australia Post, making it possible to acquire its valuable BTCs by paying for them at post office counters.

After pre-ordering their Bitcoins at, users will be able to visit one of the 3500 partner post offices across Australia.

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“For many people, paying for Bitcoin at an Australian post office is seen as more secure than transferring funds over the Internet – especially for first-time [cryptocurrency] purchases. We are proud of this partnership and would like to thank Australia Post for its openness to new technologies. “Holger Arians, CEO of

The postal services will accept cash and credit card payments in exchange for the encryption. The minimum investment is 50 Australian dollars and the maximum is 50,000 AUD.

It should be noted that in addition to bitcoins, ethers from the Ethereum network can also be paid for via post offices.

The access of Bitcoin to the general public, in places of daily life, is essential for its adoption. After the 7-eleven convenience stores in the United States, it is very positive to see that the same will be true in the establishments of an institution such as the Australia Post, which is 200 years old and therefore very familiar to all Australians.

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