Binance Card Now Available in Europe, Offering a 7% Cashback

Binance Card Now Available in Europe, Offering a 7% Cashback 1024 500 Crypto Rand Group
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Binance, the global company behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange, today announced the expansion of its Visa Binance card to all eligible users in Europe.

The Binance Visa Card continues to grow

LONDON, September 16, 2020 (press release) – The Binance Visa card now supports NFC payment applications, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay, offering more conversion and spending capabilities from Bitcoin (BTC), NBB, SXP and BUSD to fiat at more than 60 million locations worldwide.

“We are delighted with the positive feedback we have received from early adopters of our Visa Binance card,” said Josh Goodbody, Director of European Growth at Binance. “By introducing new features such as NFC payment support and making the card available in more regions, the Binance Visa card will help us continue our mission to make crypto currency accessible to the masses.

Powered by the Swipe platform, the Binance Visa card allows digital assets to remain in their native form until a point-of-sale transaction takes place, allowing Binance Visa cardholders to seamlessly convert and transact in crypto currency. Binance Visa card users will be able to reload their card-linked wallet directly from their Binance Spot wallet and set an order of preference for debiting their assets in BTC, NBB, SXP and BUSD.

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A 7% cashback to celebrate the arrival of Binance Visa Card

To celebrate the Europe-wide roll-out, Binance Visa Card offers users cashback benefits of up to 7%. The cashback percentage will depend on the level of the user’s card, itself based on the amount of his BNB staking in any wallet held on

In addition to the cashback benefits, the Binance Visa card will come with transaction fees, maintenance fees, and no registration fees, as well as competitive cashback rates and zero fees for purchases made in Euros.

All Binance users based in the EEA can apply for a Binance Visa card. For more information about the Visa Binance card and how to apply, please visit Binance

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