Best Movies and Video games of 2022

Best Movies and Video games of 2022 1024 500 Crypto Rand Group

Best Movies and Videogames of 2022

Here are some books, series/movies and video games recommended by the team at Crypto Rand’s group!

What books lay on our team bedside table?

Crypto Rand:

The Tao of Travel: Enlightenments from Lives

Really interesting book for the ones who love travelling. I’ve read several books by Paul Theroux, and this one along with “The last train to Zona Verde” are my favourites. It easily teleports you to different worlds.

Ortodoxy, Chesterton

May be a little bit dense, you need to spot and think about the meaning often. But I think that makes it even more special. A must from Chesterton to understand religion.

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World

An amazing story that provides also wide and detailed descriptions of macroeconomics while keeping it interesting. The book is fiction, it reads fast, but also feeds you with knowledge.


Trading in the zone

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their understanding of the psychology of trading. Provides valuable insights that will help you turn your beliefs into reality and become a consistently successful trader. The book is structured in a way that slowly and methodically builds up the practices necessary for success, and may initially seem like it is not providing helpful information through its storytelling approach. But, if you stick with it, you will find that the stories all come together to form a winning psychology that will click into place at the end. To me personally has been a key piece to step up my game.

Market wizards 1,2

Inspiring and encouraging books for those looking to improve their stock investing skills. It offers valuable insight into the minds of successful investors, including stories of those who made mistakes and learned from them to become successful. The book is easy to read and engaging, even for those who may not be avid readers. If you are interested in the markets, it is definitely worth reading even before getting started with your own system to avoid making costly mistakes by learning about them beforehand.

Trading Manual (emperor BTC)

Basic concepts and approaches for getting into the markets in a serious matter all in a very understandable language, without many technicals. Gives a good understanding of what the trading game is about, its main components and how to approach it. Has been my baseline book this year.

Bleeding Hedge

Turtle Trader

Might be the best trading ‘’story’’ I’ve read about. Richard Dennis takes a bunch of random people off the street and teaches them how to trade. They all become multimillionaires. Just a wild story and Richard Dennis is a legendary character so well worth an entertaining read. It’s also a short one… will take you a few days / a week of casual reading to get through it. Or get it on amazon audio.


Inventing Bitcoin

Gave me a solid core understanding of the mechanics of Bitcoin and why it is in a league of its own in terms of crypto assets.

Principles (Ray Dalio)

Deep dive into Ray Dalio’s mindset behind creating one of the world’s largest hedge funds – many core lessons based on history, people, and learnings over a multi-decade period. A lot is as applicable to today’s climate as ever.

The Shows and Movies we’d watch again:

Crypto Rand:


Loved it, every character is amazing, the dark jokes, the plot twists, and the intensity. The wild side of power.

The White Lotus

They just released the 2nd Season and it’s as good as the first one. I love the tension, the super uncomfortable situations, and how everything gets connected and starts to boil…its something really innovative.

Tokyo Vice

A mix of police research with journalism showing the contrasts from a foreigner’s perspective with the Japanese culture. Really nice and solid story, with great action too.


The Shawshank Redemption

Great history and actors in it. The ending is amazing, a masterpiece IMO, there are moments where you might see the story going nowhere just to find out a twist.

The wire

For me one of the best plotlines of all time for me. Kind of tech outdated now, but at the time was on top of it. Watch it even to know how old-timers were doing. I find it fascinating, very nice if you like thriller political kind.

Into the Wild

Great scenario, and a good true story. Had similar plans before knowing my wife and going for the family, still thinking one day I might take them all to the wild to live off the grid, hahaha. The music on it is also very good from Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam, lyrics are great!

One Piece

+1000 episodes of anime and who knows how many mangas. Amazing history development that is still ongoing today. Gets bits from Dragon Ball combat style in my opinion worth watching. If you are starting maybe the best is to get a “without fillers” version to get just the relevant stuff and discard the rest. Been watching this for +20years already!

Bleeding Hedge


Keeping it strictly for 2022 – Mandalorian was a masterpiece… The storyline, the easter eggs, and the gripping scenes with Mando and Grogu were just epic. This one was also special because my expectations were low with Disney taking the lead on it – I also wasn’t aware John was leading it so heading into it I thought it was going to be average at best. Or just a total flop (Thinking Rings of power style)? John knows his Star Wars, that was evident and he did the whole franchise justice and then some. This guy should be doing the F**ing movies!

Stranger things – Final season

Watched the entire stranger things series and the last season in 2022 was the most epic by a wide margin. Character development, storyline, the acting was all on point. Oh and can’t forget the music… Boosting Kate Bush to number 1 with running up that hill. That scene is in my top 5 most epic scenes in a series.

Top Gun Maverick

Can’t forget Top Gun in 2022 – Again going into it my expectations were super low and this shocked me to the upside… Massively. They somehow managed to stay true to the cheesy original feel and for some reason I liked it. Not sure why but I just did. It all worked.


Free Solo

Gripping yet unnerving to watch. Bit of adrenaline coursing through the veins without actually having to risk your life being a complete degen

All Quiet on the Western Front

Saving Private Ryan 2.0 – if you like realistic reenactments of the World War, with excellent cinematography, storyline, and characters then this is well worth the watch



Not so original, but the 1st series in the true Star Wars spirit, we see from Disney. Everything is there, from the aesthetic to the plot. A sweet mix between the action-oriented series in the likes of Mandalorian, and the slow story of Obi-Wan. Hopefully, we’ll see more shows like this one on the platform.


Yes, it’s from last year, but I still can’t get over the fact that they managed to make me watch a League of Legend based series… This animation series is nothing else than a dynamite stick, filled with acid and steroids. The action is spectacular, the music serves the characters and the plot is torturous enough. Just the right amount of everything for it to touch you right there.

The Video Games we levelled up on:

Crypto Rand

God of War Ragnarok

I’ve played it just for a couple of weeks, but the story, graphics, movements, scenery…everything is amazing.

Horizon Forbidden West

Probably one of my favourite games of all time. Amazing story, amazing options to grow the character, the ambience is quite unique, and the music…love it.

Far Cry 6

Maybe less interesting and deep than the others, but hey, it’s Far Cry…and delivers. Pure action shooter, with a decent story behind it as an excuse.


2 toddlers

endless hours, super immersive, no pause button hahaaaaa

Player Unknown Battleground

FPS (first-person shooter) Battle Royole style, I found its approach very realistic, great for team coop. Not sure how might be at current times as more than 3-4 years passed since I played it. Wide variety of weapons, gear and vehicles. Kind of map exploration/terrain strategy too. (enjoyed the hell out of it for many years)

Heroes and Might and Magic III

Turn-based, map exploration, conquest. Endless hours playing it and trying to cheat the AI by closing unsaved, was still very hard even doing that. My fav, units are the vampires of the Necropolis faction.

Age of Empires Conquerors

Similar to the above, but not in turns, this is real-time. Very nice balance with economy/army/tech tree development and map exploration/resources. I used to play it rushing army and destabilizing my opponents early, try doing that with the Goths.

Bleeding Hedge

Apex Legends

Free game, love it. Can’t beat a good first-person shooter.


DCS: World

Probably a few thousand hours of playtime in this military flight simulator. As a guy passionate about aviation, having the ability to fly jets in VR with your friends is almost like a dream come true. Every aircraft is study level (from the A-10C Warthog to the Mirage 2000, IRL pilots practice on it!), making the learning curve extremely difficult, but very rewarding. Be careful though, once in, it’s hard to eject!

Ready or Not

You liked SWAT or Rainbow Six (no, not the “siege” one, the REAL ones)? You should like Ready or Not, for sure. Gather with 3 friends and enter the world of quick intervention teams, free hostages or disarm a bomb. Extremely difficult, you’ll need to coordinate properly in order to accomplish your mission. The game is in Early Access, but playable nonetheless.

We hope you will give a try at the books, shows and games that enlightened our year 2022! Come tell us what your recommendations for 2023 are, on discord!

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