Bear market or Bull market:
You will find a way to our knowledge

Bear market or bull market
Passion is key


Before being a full-time trader in crypto and other assets, I worked in several companies, ending up to be one of the youngest managers at Google Spain. On top of that, I worked for other three major companies in the Tech space Bear market or Bull market.

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Bear market or Bull market: we will help you reach all your targets.


Full access to all the data. Full disclosure of all the trades, winners and losers.

Bear market or bull market: we will help you reach all your targets.

Full access to all the data. Full disclosure of all the trades and setups, winners and losers.

Traders, investors, mentors, miners, lawyers…our team covers all the areas of intereset to provide the best results.

Since 2016, I have been heavily invested in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain sphere, with one goal in mind: sharing my knowledge and experience with everyone.

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Bear market or bull market

I started with the basic plan for a single month, trying to learn how to trade, juggling between my day job and dealing with the kids at home. Then I renewed with the medium plan for six months because I needed more feedback. Now I’m trading for a living!

Pedro G.E

I really like how CryptoRand and his team are diligent and quick to respond to any question. The learning environment is warm and welcoming. It feels like being included in a family. The pros there are like friendly mentors.

Arthur A.R

“Awesome return on investment, I took a yearly membership and earned my money back in a month! A very productive team, always willing to help us with personal chart request or trading setups.”


James C.M

Our Services

More than five trading and cryptocurrency experts ready to guide you in the bull market and bear market

Cryptocurrencies are much more than just trading Bitcoin, Ethereum or other altcoins. Which is why we provide you with several opportunities to diversify your portfolio: STO’s, equities, seed rounds etc.

We provide a full service in terms of markets assessment, and we deal directly with companies offering investment opportunities.


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