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Singapore AML

Singapore Publishing New Crypto AML Rules

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is updating its regulatory framework for digital payments with new AML rules. Announced Tuesday, Singapore’s Payment Services Act 2019 (PSA) brings so-called Digital Payment…

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Australian exchange

Large Australian Exchange Expands to Singapore

Independent Reserve, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, is expanding to Singapore after an “overwhelmingly positive” response from the regulator. Adrian Przelozny, CEO and founder of the Sydney-based…

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Crypto Friendly Jurisdictions

This study explores and discusses the top crypto friendly countries with regard to adoption ease of business and how they are helping in the growth of the crypto industry. The…

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covid-19 blockchain

Covid-19 Pushes Interest Toward Blockchain

The SMBC financial group integrates two blockchain in parallel consortia from the trade finance sector: Contour and Komgo as the Covid-19 pandemic further underlines the need to digitize paper-based processes,…

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Crypto and Blockchain Companies IPOs

This study explores the blockchain and crypto companies interest in IPOs and their impact on the blockchain industry. Blockchain and crypto companies are mostly pursuing initial coin offerings (ICOs) to…

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