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BitBay to delist Monero to fit AML requirement

Monero, privacy-focused cryptocurrency, is being delisted from one of the top digital asset exchanges in Eastern Europe, Bitbay, to align with international anti-money-laundering standards. Estonia-based BitBay announced Monday that monero…

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mine Monero

Docker infected to secretly mine Monero

According to Palo Alto Networks’ threat intelligence team Unit 42, researchers have uncovered the first instance case of a cryptojacking worm that propagates via malicious Docker images to mine Monero.…

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Interview with Monero team ($XMR)

This time I had the pleasure to interview the Monero team. Pioneers of the private cryptocurrencies. A open source project aiming to empower the citizens giving them the control and…

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Cryptominer Malware Analysis

AT&T Cryptomining Malware Analysis

AT&T’s Alien Labs is dipping its toes into cryptomining malware analysis with a new technological breakdown of how a monero miner infiltrates networks.  Released Thursday, the report by security researcher…

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