1,9 Million British Owns Crypto

1,9 Million British Owns Crypto 1024 500 Crypto Rand Group
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A significant increase

In its research report released on June 30, the CFA highlighted many surprising statistics about the British population and its relationship with crypto.

The regulator initially estimated that 1.9 million British adults are in possession of cryptomurses. This represents 3.86% of the UK population over the age of 18.

Compared to the data from the previous year, this represents a “statistically significant increase” in the number of crypto-actives holders across the UK.

Last year, approximately 3% of the country’s adult population owned cryptos at some point during the year, a figure that has now risen to 5.35%. This increase brings the total number of UK residents who have ever owned cryptos to 2.6 million, up from 1.5 million previously.

This marked increase can be put in parallel with the noticeable increase in the number of people who have already heard about the existence of crypto-actives. Last year, only 42% of the population was aware of this industry, compared to 73% today.

The report highlights other equally interesting data:

  • 75% of cryptos owners have less than 1,000 pounds sterling (1,100 euros) in these assets.
  • Most of them using platforms based outside the UK
  • The majority of British people buy cryptomoney as a gamble that can earn them money.

Sheldon Mills, director of strategy and compliance for the CFA, said in a news release :

“This FCA report reveals the growing popularity of crypto-currencies among the British household population and underscores the importance of our work to better understand this market and how people interact with these assets. »

Cryptomoney known by more than 10% of respondents – Source: FCA

While these results are remarkable and may prove that the adoption of cryptomoney is underway in the British, this is only a snapshot. For its study, the FCA relied on the YouGov market research platform and the responses of 2,681 online participants.

As for the French for example, a recent survey conducted by the BitFlyer exchange indicated that 60% of them were confident in the future of crypto-money, a percentage up 5% from the previous year.